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You Worked Hard For Your Yard
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We're here to help you enjoy being outside!

We are a contactless concierge mosquito control company.  We are passionate about providing seamless effective high-quality service in an environmentally responsible way.  What makes us different is our experience and our customer service.  Each of our technicians have treated thousands of homes, schools, and restaurants.  We know what techniques to use and where to treat so mosquitos find no safe harbor.

We use the best tools and solutions to bring a service to market that just works!  

 Our highly trained technicians treat with a blend of solutions that eliminate mosquitos period.  Our solutions repel, prevent, and disrupt the life cycle and activities of mosquitos.  We spray more than a barrier.  We learn your property and treat in the most effective way possible all while avoiding your flowers, herbs, and garden.

What makes us Special

  • We’re experienced.  Each of our technicians have treated thousands of homes, schools and restaurants.  We know what techniques to use and where to treat so mosquitos find no safe harbor.

  • We control and repel.  When you hire someone to kill the bugs, and they don't also repel new ones, you usually end up with a yard full of new mosquitoes a few days later.  Our solutions begins with a base of all-natural repellants.  We add products that kill, repel, disrupt the lifecycle of mosquitos, kill their larva and prevent them from building up an immunity to the solution—which is efficacious on surfaces for weeks after it's been applied.

  • Intelligent application.  Our treatment is not applied in an indiscriminate manner.  We spray intelligently so your garden and the beneficial insects are as protected as possible.  We also monitor the weather throughout the day and schedule service for your property when weather and wind conditions are right.  When the forecast calls for rain, high winds or inclement weather we automatically reschedule your visit for the next available day.

  • We treat more often.  We vary the techniques, control products and times of application to ensure you are always receiving the most effective treatment possible.  Frequency is critical here too.  We treat every 10 to 17 days, not because we like it but because we know 21 and 28-day spray cycles just don't work well.

  • We treat longer.  Most companies stop spraying in August or September even though mosquitoes will naturally be here until they freeze. We spray until you are back in long pants and jackets, usually Halloween, or the first freeze.  As we told the Washingtonian, we are headed for longer seasons.  Article linked here.  So you are going to want a company that services you through the full season.

We'd love to show you why we’re the best option for your needs.  Never hesitate to contact us with questions.  We'd love to hear from you!

Home: What makes us Special

When We Come In, the Mosquitos Go Out.

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Backyard Kiddie Pool

Holidays are Always Included

Planning a fete!

When you purchase our full-season coverage, you always receive an application before a summer holiday or special event of your choosing!  So call the caterers or break out the grill it is time to schedule a soiree.  Your Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day or Halloween or party application is always on us!  No need to ask!

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Our Services

Mosquito Control

Tick Control


All-Natural Options


Special Events,


and Holidays

For graduations, weddings, birthday parties, porch parties, fall fetes and other outdoor events.

Outdoor Wedding


and Municipal

For schools and daycare centers, colleges and universities, restaurants, associations and condos, embassies, estates, gardens and parks, sports fields,  playgrounds, and more.

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Questions, comments or requests? Feel free to reach out,

we’d love to hear from you.

(202) 413-1384

Thank you!

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What others are saying

My neighbors and I got together to have our group of row-homes sprayed (including the abandoned house that was in our group) and DC Mosquito Defense gave us a great deal.  They were so easy to work with and the service was amazing!

Pam C., Capital Hill, Washington DC

"We were with another company but switched to DC Mosquito Defense and will stay with them!  We have been totally impressed.  The tech walked our property, listened to our concerns and treated the areas that concerned us with the most powerful solution possible--they even sprayed under our crawlspace.  This team really listens to its customers.  If you are looking for good service call DC Mosquito Defense."

Aman R., N.E. Washington DC

Jennifer H., N.E. Washington DC

“Mosquitoes remind us that we are not as high up on the food chain as we think.”

Tom Wilson
American Humorist

Proudly Serving 

The District of Columbia, Montgomery County, Prince George's County, and

NOW SERVING Northern Virginia.

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Hours of Operation​

Monday through Friday

24 Hours Daily

Call or text (202) 413-1384

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DC Mosquito Defense 

4301 50th Street NW

Suite 300 #2200

Washington, D.C. 20016

(202) 413-1384


Family-owned and operated in the District of Columbia.

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