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Celebrate National Pest Management Month (NPMM) this April!

What is NPMM?

National Pest Management Month celebrates our commitment to public health through effective pest management. NPMM is an annual observance in April, organized by the Professional Pest Management Alliance, aimed at raising awareness about the importance of pest management in maintaining healthy environments.

At DC Mosquito Defense, we proudly share our mission to safeguard public health. We're committed to delivering essential pest control solutions that not only protect homes and businesses but also promote healthier environments for all. This NPMM, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our dedicated team and valued clients for their unwavering support. Together we're making strides towards a healthier, pest-free future. 

This NPMM, let's raise awareness about the essential role of pest management in safeguarding public health. Join us in celebrating NPMM by recognizing the dedication and expertise of pest management professionals who work tirelessly to keep pests at bay. Together, we can make a difference! #HealthAwareness

Happy National Pest Management Month!


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