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how it works


We treat about every two weeks, depending on the weather.  You do not need to be home.  Simply leave access details, gate codes, passcodes or unlatching instructions.


We will send you an email the day before your service to let you know when we are coming.  On the day of your service, close your windows, bring in the kiddos and fur babies and we will do the rest.  If you notice a strong smell immediately following the treatment, it’s the garlic. That’s our secret weapon to help keep the mosquitoes from coming back. The aroma dissipates as it dries but remains effective against mosquitos.

Most importantly, give the treated area time to dry before you return.  It usually only takes a few minutes in the summer, and sometimes a few hours in the spring or fall when it’s cool and the humidity is high.  We will leave a sign in the ground to remind you.


To get started, simply request a quote by phone or email.  Accept the quote and we will do the rest.


You will enjoy our service

We guarantee it!

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