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Gardening Together

About Us

We are parents, backyard gardeners, and outdoor enthusiasts who were tired of being bit.  The Washington D.C. metro area consistently ranks among the worst in the nation for mosquitos.  We started DC Mosquito Defense to fight the onslaught of mosquitos and ticks that swarmed our Cleveland Park townhome every time it rained and because we were dissatisfied with the mosquito control options in the District.  We've created the best Mosquito control company in DC hand down period.  


If you’ve had mosquito services before, you’re gonna like us better!  We’re what you wanted when you tried the Big Box service.  We listen.  We use only the best tools and materials, which we are constantly tweaking to meet the conditions of your particular property.  We are nimble enough to adjust, yet flexible enough to improve.  We don’t mind catering to you—we enjoy it.  Your satisfaction matters.  Your requests are never too much.  We don’t just say we appreciate your business, we do.  If you have't had mosquito spraying services before, you should try us first.  But if you don't, we'll gladly welcome you back from the Big Box companies.  We think you’re gonna like us better! 

Here's what we do.  We provide professional, effective and efficient mosquito control services in a way that optimizes effectiveness yet is friendly to beneficial insects and pollinators.  We do it better than anyone else because we customize the service, tweak the solutions, vary the application windows, all without you even noticing we have been there.  


We are a locally run small business, and the only mosquito control company completely run and operated from Spring Valley DC (AU Park Tenleytown).  The best way to get started is to request a quote.  We will normally respond in minutes.  If you like what you see, simply accept the quote and that's it.  You are in the system.  Often times we can get you your first treatment within in 24 hours.  

We aim to impress you!





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