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How to pick a mosquito control company

The DC area is inundated with fliers for residential mosquito control services. Many come from mosquito franchises or lawn garden/general pest control companies that offer the service to existing customers as an add-on. We find that these business models are not the most effective for providing quality service.

These companies usually charge a monthly fee or a fee-per-treatment for service every three to four weeks. Over the course of mosquito season, that’s only about six (6) or seven (7) treatments in total. We have found this frequency to be ineffective; so, we treat every 10 to 17 days, depending on the weather. We provide nearly double the sprays at the same (or in many cases lower) cost or even half price. This is why our service is more effective.

While the cost of mosquito services varies, depending on where you live, the size of your yard, and other factors, competitors tend to offer a small discount for the first treatment, then charge a high flat fee for every following treatment, usually in the range of $80 to $90 per treatment. We do not do that. We believe if you pay for mosquito services you should get the full season of mosquito services whether you pay by the month or in a lump sum. Meaning we prefer to treat you for the season. When you sign up for the season you’re guaranteed to get treated for the entire season regardless of how you pay and we do not charge extra for another spray if in mid-June you encounter a new crop of mosquitos before your next service or want an extra spray before a holiday event. That’s all included in the cost. So while you can pay monthly, with DC Mosquito Defense you get much more than you pay for. (If you amortize the cost of our treatments over the season, we are often much lower.)

We also specialize in the District of Columbia, we offer small yard and great next-door neighbor discounts, something other companies generally do not. We’re also nimble enough oftentimes to treat you immediately. If you see our technician out and you want service just ask. Time permitting we’ll treat you right then. Bottomline we do not take a one size fits all approach. We only hire the most experienced service technicians. Not only are they trained and licensed, but each has treated thousands of properties and are gardeners themselves so they can recognize plants or other objects that should not be treated and will pause and verify before treating something that should not be treated. From our years of experience in the industry, we know other companies struggle to hire technicians let alone technicians that are seasoned, qualified, and experienced, which affects the outcome of your service. Here, you’re guaranteed that the technician that treats your house, won’t be on their first spray.

We never ask you to sign a contract and we always guarantee your satisfaction. No gimmicks or 7-day notice requirements. We simply guarantee our work because we are passionate about providing outstanding service.

So before you hire a company or subscribe to a service ask the company these questions: how often do you treat for mosquitoes; how long is mosquito season or how many total treatments do you provide/recommend; how many sprays have your technicians done; what’s your money-back satisfaction guarantee entail; do you offer any discounts for small yards; do you avoid treating blooming flowers; will your technician recognize and avoid my non-fruiting vegetables or herb plants?

We think you are going to like us better.

DC Mosquito Defense

(202) 413-1340

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